Mechans who were involved in the Izban Act were dismissed with a mobile message

He reported that the mechanics who worked on the Aliağa-Menderes suburban line and took a work stoppage action today were dismissed by phone message, as was the case with THY.
İZBAN A.Ş. The first 13 machinists, whose management was the first shift and did not go on a voyage, reported that they were dismissed by phone message, as happened in THY before. In the message, “You cannot run the trains that you need to start in the morning, despite our warnings due to the illegal strike action. Your employment contract has been terminated without notice and compensation ”.
Stating that this action, which was carried out in a period when the collective bargaining negotiations continue and the process of the Supreme Arbitration Committee is against the law, General Manager Eriş said that “In our country, employees in the public transportation sector cannot take action to strike or slow down work. The work contracts of 13 machinists, who started the attempt to take away the public transportation rights of the people of Izmir, were terminated due to these illegal attempts. In addition, an extended investigation is under way ”.

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