Cooperation Between Clusters Assessed at Eso

Spain Rail Systems Cluster (RAILGRUP) met with Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO) and Eskişehir Rail Systems Cluster Association (RSC).

In a written statement from the ESO, it was stated that at the meeting held in the Assembly Hall, they explained the potential of the clusters and what they achieved and evaluated the possibilities of cooperation.

ESO Chairman Özaydemir War, the status of the cluster already with the Spanish authorities to Eskisehir and industrial railways sector in Turkey and gave information about the development.

Maria Pedrals of the Railroads of the Spanish Railways said that the country has been working for a long time in terms of rail systems and it is open to cooperation with Eskişehir especially for the high speed train.

ESO Board Member Sinan Musubeyli explained the capabilities of the Eskişehir Rail Systems Cluster Association members and the work of the universities in Eskişehir in his informative presentation.

After the meeting where ESO and the clusters shared their experiences, the Spanish delegation made observations in Eskişehir OSB.

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