İbrahim Ertiryaki says goodbye to TÜVASAŞ staff

İbrahim Ertiryaki said goodbye to the personnel at TÜVASAŞ Factory. İbrahim Ertiryaki, listened to a farewell speech by a crowded group of employees; “We have done important work in our industry since May 2003,” he said.

657, 59, 74, 233, 6, 8, 24, 2477, 2, 2003, XNUMX, XNUMX, XNUMX Ibrahim Ertiryaki, deemed appropriate with the employees of TÜVASAŞ yesterday. Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. that Ertirya serving as CEO since May of this year XNUMX, who was also the General Manager of the TÜVASAŞ's longest-serving.

Ibrahim Ertiryaki listened to his farewell speech by a large group of employees; Yana Since May of 2003, we have done important works in our sector. Our success was confirmed by the wagons we sold to the Bulgarian State Railways. Başar

During his speech at the 9 annual headquarters, Ertiryaki underlined that they have achieved many firsts with all employees, and continued as follows; Ik For the first time here we have made 'Diesel Train Set'. Our priority target was the 200 'Speedometer' Diesel Train Sets and the 350 'High Speed ​​Train', which reached a speed of XNUMX. We have the capacity as TÜVASAŞ; I hope everyone will see that we will achieve our goals.

High Speed ​​Train (YHT), there are very few companies that can produce in the world. TÜVASAŞ is one of these companies. In the production of Diesel Train Set, which can make 200 speed, we have come to a certain point. The new General Manager is an experienced friend we know. We will support him.

This is our time to serve TÜVASAŞ. As a Sakarya, I have been in this position for a long time and I am happy that I have done good work. After that, we have to work hard. I think our children and even their grandchildren should eat bread from this factory. I'm sorry when this 9 saddened from time to time in the year; I'm halal to everyone. h

Ertiyaki'ya completed his speech with the deluge of applause, employees 'We also get the right halal.' he called out of a mouth. Ibrahim Ertiryaki experienced a good-bye, then 'my close colleagues' as the Chief of the Private Office, Private Pen Personnel and the office of the quarry with the employees said goodbye.

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