I.International Rail Systems Engineering Workshop Ended

I.International Rail Systems Engineering Workshop Dr. Bektaş AÇIKGÖZ Conference Hall, Faculty of Science Conference Hall and Faculty of Technology Seminar Room continued all day.

prof. Dr. In the presentations made at Bektaş AKGÖZ Conference Hall, TCDD Electric-Electronics Load. Engineer Sedat BEKİROĞLU “Regenerative Braking Energy Restores in Railway Applications KazanHe stated the following regarding “Iım”; Mentioning that they need high power density for railway vehicles, the performance and power of the system increase with the development of technology for railways, high energy, low cost and maintenance-free state, regenerative braking applications, batteries, use of simulators, returning energy to the grid, ultracapacitor and batteries for power. , by giving information about energy density or a combination of both, he emphasized that we should take a safer, easier and more accessible way that we can use in virtual environments with less cost, high efficiency, 30% energy saving. He concluded his presentation by stating that thanks to technology, they have obtained vehicles with longer life, high density and meeting the needs, and that they can perform events that they cannot perform in real environments in a simulation environment.

European Commission Delegation to Turkey Transport Sector Manager Göktuğ LAND "Methods used for the Abatement of Railway Vehicles" at the presentation called, fuel consumption is reduced, the vehicle in quality but also to achieve a higher energy by using lightweight materials and optimal designs, collision-resistant, safe, the use of high quality and konpozit material Need to use aerodynamic design, bogie, chassis design, methods to reduce weight, how to use conglomerate materials, advantages and disadvantages, using materials to be used with advanced production technology and advanced systems should be increased.

SARKUYSAN A.Ş. Process Research Chief Mehmet Ali AKOY introduced his companies in his presentation titled gerekli In Copper Denince mış, and produced products such as rods, wire rods, wires, copper pipes and copper bars, and gave information about the quality certificates the company had received and the necessary and important materials for high-speed train lines.

TCDD Machine Load Engineer Ömür AKBAYIR, in his presentation işletme Sabos and Sabos used in freight wagons B, concluded his presentation by giving information about the things to be done to reduce noise and materials, noise reasons, type K and LL type Sabos and usage, operation control and maintenance.

Engineering Advisory Services Manager Süleyman Açıkbaş “Energy Efficient Driving Under ATO Operation, KadıköyÜsküdar-Ümraniye Line is automatic in the presentation of the “Kartal Metro Line Application” by mentioning the energy consumption and efficiency in the rail systems, the traction power distribution system, consumption and savings, the geometry of the line, vehicle characteristics, the reduction of energy losses, the speed profile and the energy consumption. will work as and Kadıköy- Kartal Metro Line is the first metro line on the Anatolian Side. In our simulation studies, up to 27% energy was saved and we achieved 60% better and quality progress.

Istanbul Transportation Inc. Director of Line and Stationary Facilities Veysel ARLI In his presentation, tekerlek Comparison of Railway Account with Analytical and Numerical Methods Mod, Classic Winkler Model, Zimmerman's formulas, analytical, numerical model and results, reduced and static wheel load mentioning; Önemli In these studies, rail collapse and rail stresses are significantly reduced. In conventional lines, classical analytical calculation is sufficient, but in high-speed lines, numerical analysis should be carried out. Historical structures, housing, hospitals, such as vibration-sensitive structures close to the dynamic analysis of the railways, vibration values ​​and noise should be calculated 'he said.

TCDD Construction Freight. Engineer Alper CEBECİ sla EDDY CURRENT BRAKE and SLAB TRACK Braking Systems sla is a continuous, automatic, inexpensive, progressive braking system, eddy current brake and slab track It is able to use the 350. eddy current brake system that works with a brake system will contribute to our development, '' he said, and all the participants answered the questions of the participants.

In the afternoon session; Our University See. In his presentation titled Belir Determination of Artificial Neural Network of Front Rolling Paraments in Rail Rolling System in, Hüseyin ALTINKAYA talked about artificial neural networks and hot rolling and material savings.

Our University See. Kürşat KARAOĞLAN, in his presentation u A Simulation Program for Optimization of Hot Rolling Operations ini talked about the rolling process, 1 stage including BD3, BD and Tandem, explaining what these stages are, simulation applications and calibrated layout calculation software.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Construction technician Mehmet ÇAKIL presented his presentation ve Railway maintenance works ve by explaining the logistic preparations, work steps, preparation of materials and evaluations and answered the questions of the participants.

TCDD DATEM Materials Engineer Umut BİÇER gave a presentation on 'The Importance of Conicality in Railway Management'. In his presentation; He talked about wheel rail profiles, wheel rail contact and equivalent conicity measurement.

Mehmet Akif ERDOĞAN, Industrial Engineer of Kayseri Transport Corporation said, lı It is not possible to control something that we could not measure and manage something that we cannot control ğ and he mentioned maintenance management and performance indicators in rail systems. He mentioned the objectives of maintenance, performance management, average repair time and average construction process between failures, labor efficiency and efficiency.

Karabük University Faculty of Engineering Okt. Yasin ORTAKCI in his presentation Dijkstra's Algorithm Interactive Training and Software for Routing Analysis.

In the presentations made at the Faculty of Science Conference Hall; Investigation of Railways in terms of Environment and Energy, General Definition of Bogie and Bogie Systems Used in Rail Freight Transportation, The Effect of Nuclear Energy on Rail Systems Economy, Rail Versus Bus in Long-Distance Travel in Turkey, Kadıköy- Investigation of the Geological Structure of Kartal Metro Line, Important Issues in Material Selection in Urban Rail Systems, Comparison of Metro Tunnel Excavation Support Types, Static and Dynamic Analysis of Railway Wagon Trailer Bogie in Computer Enviroment, Telecommunication Systems Used in Ankara-Eskişehir YHT, Embedded Rail in Tram Lines System and Sample Application, Passenger Comfort Calculation Methods in Rail Vehicles, Investigation of Environmental Railway Noise in Istanbul Light Metro System, Railway Vision in Europe and World 2050, Wheel Healthy Condition Monitoring Application as a System Engineering Model, Safety in Rail Systems TS EN 50126, Railway Safety Presentation on Management System and Application in TCDD, Application of Regenerative Braking Energy and ABB's Innovative Solitions in Urban Rail System.

In the presentations made at the Faculty of Technology Seminar Room; Design of a Crush Zone System for a Railway Passenger Car to Improve Creshworthiness, ACFM Non-Destructive Testing Techniques of Turkey's Implementation of the High Speed ​​Railway Line, the elastomer Plastic and Resuduel Stress Analysis of a High Speed ​​Train Axle, Broken Burning Taken in the High Speed ​​Train Line Rail Welding Investigation, Progression of Kidney Shaped Defect and Fatigue Analysis on Rail in Railway Line, Numerical and Experimental Modal Analysis of Bogi-Wheel Set of a Rail System, Experimental Modal Analysis of a Railroad Vehicle Used in Conventional Lines by Two Different Methods, Dynamic Behavior of a Light Metro Vehicle to Standards Analysis of the Green Line's Noise on Rail and Noise Curtain Application, Generaional Development in Railway Information Systems, Irmak-Krabuk-Zonguldak Railway Line n Requirement, Karabuk-Mainland Railway Line Signalization System Fuzzy Logic Modeling, Practical Art Schools as a Model, a Rail System Vehicle Bogi System Modeling of the Dynamic Model and Realization of the Critical Analysis, Wheel Profile to the Railway Vehicle Dynamics Analysis, SLAB Track Systems for Turkish High Speed Raiways, Analytical and Experimental Methods for Analyzing Fatigue Fracture Behaviors

The first and last day of the International Rail Systems Engineering Workshop will end with the participants of Safranbolu and Amasra.

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