House of Haydar Pasha

Chamber of Architects Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch, Center for Children's and Architectural Studies is carrying out significant works. He organizes competitions for children to gain 'architecture and urban awareness'. This year's 'I Read My City Children's Books' competition has reached the first place in the 3-6 age category! Fuat Sevimay has chosen Haydarpaşa for children and said 'Haydarpaşa İstanbullularındır'. It's good! He told the little readers that Haydarpasa is a structure that is intertwined with the urban fabric and how important it is as a game. The patterns belong to Ayşegül Sevimay. The author described this beautiful station as the house of Haydar Pasha, where the trains were full in his garden, as a house for newcomers to Istanbul looking at the sea. He said that those who live in Istanbul love this house. This 'house' together with other historical artifacts in the city creates a unity, while the people of the city and the life of the people themselves, dreams and the future gave the message that they can.

Of course, before the tiny readers of this and similar 'issues' in Ankara to 'elders' need to read and explain! In fact, I think it is a little 'late' for them, because the sense of protection of the place you live in the name of humanity is not a place of rent for every old building, but the responsibility of the people saying that the world is not a place of rent but 'a common living space with all living things' 0- 3, I do not know 0-6 age between the easier to be vaccinated I believe. When it cannot be realized, those overwhelming situations are revealed: 'I am right, I know, I am enormous, I put rules, this is my field, I am this, I am this.' In short, the inability to grow, the life of a continuous crisis of adolescence. In the meantime, adolescents who do not get mad at me. My criticism is not for the natural processes they live in, but for some depressed elderly people who have not always been able to live that process, have not been able to survive, and have always stuck somewhere. I am constantly talking about some old people who are constantly angry, cannot find meaning in life other than accusing, despise, cannot stand to be criticized, worshiping power, constantly swipes, lies and fucks. By the way, it is worth noting that this type of 'elders' is the 'children and young people' who feel that their biggest obsession is not like them. That is why I ask my beloved young people to understand such 'elders' once again, even if they cannot understand them. Let them know that life is beautiful with discoveries, not obsessions!

I said obsession ... No matter who says anything, it is a fact that Haydarpaşa Station has fallen into the network of a 'power' struggle that has been going on for years. Museum etc. with the most optimistic estimate. something is said to be done. Time will show what will happen. Let's hope that the tales of the kind told by Fuat Sevimay remind many of us that the possession of such a legacy is identical with being responsible for life, not old-mindedness, rather than old-fashioned.

Some buildings sound when they are filled with human voices in random journeys. The walls of Haydarpaşa Train Station also live when these voices echo. If our goal is to make him profitable, of course.

Haydarpaşa Station is a living part of Istanbul's memory with its station identity, wishing we “don't forget” it…


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