Approach of the Golden Horn Metro Transition Bridge

In the statement made by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, it was reported that the street was closed to vehicles and pedestrian traffic at 24.00 for the establishment of the steel construction scaffolding of the "Haliç Metro Crossing Bridge" under construction within the scope of "Metro Construction Works between Istanbul Metro Yenikapı-Unkapanı."

It was noted that the work at Beyoğlu Tersane Street will take a day. From Karaköy, the vehicles going to Unkapanı, Balat; Galata Bridge-Eminönü route, from Şişhane direction to Karaköy, Eminönü direction; It was stated that Unkapanı Bridge-Eminönü-Galata Bridge should be used, while Unkapanı and the vehicles going from Balat direction to Karaköy direction should use Eminönü-Galata Bridge.

It is stated that the Golden Horn Metro Crossing Bridge was built in Istanbul Metro to connect the tunnels of the Taksim-Yenikapı Metro Line, which is 5,2 kilometers in length, from Şehzadebaşı and Şişhane directions and to pass over the Golden Horn.

When the construction of the Metro Crossing Bridge is completed, a passenger who takes the subway from Sarıyer-Hacıosman to the Yenikapı transfer station without interruption, from there via the Marmaray connection, KadıköyIt was emphasized that it could reach Kartal, Bakırköy-Atatürk Airport or Bağcılar-Olimpiyatköyü-Başakşehir in a short time.

Source: Hurriyet Europe

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