"Aleppo-Gaziantep High Speed ​​Train Project" Has Been Suspended

It was reported that the "Aleppo-Gaziantep High Speed ​​Train Project" prepared by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality was suspended due to the events in Syria.

Gaziantep Mayor Asim Guzelbey, told reporters, the project will bring the two Islamic countries closer together, but said it is not possible to realize this at the moment. The era of good relations between Turkey and Syria, the region's most important city of explaining the different projects developed between Aleppo and Gaziantep Guzelbey, said:

“One of them was the start of train services between Aleppo and Gaziantep within the framework of cooperation between countries. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality has also attempted to implement the 'High Speed ​​Train Project' between the two cities. All well-intentioned studies have been suspended due to the situation of the country where there has been a civil war for about 2 years. ”

Stating that they presented their study to the Islamic Development Bank 3 years ago and that the study was of great interest at the time, Güzelbey said that it was pronounced that a $ 125 million fund was created for the project.

However, it does not seem possible to implement the project in terms of the current conditions that Güzelbey, said:

“The project was a joint project involving two Islamic countries. The Islamic Development Bank also supports such projects. When they arrived three years ago, they said they were ready for everything about this project. However, later in our Transport Minister 'this project as we do in Turkey' he said. The job is currently on hold. Money is ready whenever we want. But not right now, of course. At that moment, we had started feasibility studies. Unfortunately, as of the situation in Syria, such a project is currently unlikely. The project would bring the two Islamic countries closer together. The distance between Gaziantep and Aleppo would fall to an hour. You would come out and eat lunch, come back. It would have contributed so much. ”

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