Beautiful Istanbul's delayed metro

Year 1967. A date before I was born. Some people have prepared plans and plans for our Istanbul. I'm learning this from a newspaper clipping. In our daily life, encountering such a thing without ever having to bother with research leaves you a thin one.

Imagine the construction of the subway that started at that time. Had he been to Istanbul today, Istanbul would be a world city with numerous metro lines. Istanbul, where the settlement is limited to certain places. The approximate population is around 1.800.000. Considering the subway to such a population at that time is a horizon. Because the subway brings with it a lot of production and training.

Although Istanbul has a very old history on the subway, it is a city where the necessary investments are not made. 1875 is the second oldest metro in the world. You can still use this subway.

Although the project was ready, the metro infrastructure was not established in Istanbul. Year of the 1967 is the year of 2012. When humanity is almost in the space of going underground, we still disappear in the air of the three five-kilometer-long subways.

I guess we just can't afford to be national. Not everyone is national but there is nothing national. We do not have a technology or social situation as we think of ourselves and for the 100 years of our own. Imported technology and imported culture of life.

Despite all, metrosuz life means a heavy living condition for Istanbul.

For this reason, with the help of metro speed tunnels open to rail ıyla

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