German Railways Completed Winter Preparations

It is reported that Deutsche Bahn (DB, German Railways) has completed the winter preparations for ice melting systems, rail crossing connections, heating devices, heaters and snow removal services, which spend double-digit million Euros.

Rüdiger Grube, CEO of the DB, who gave an interview to the Berliner Zeitung newspaper, stated that most of the train stations and trains are dirty, they are angry at travel delays and the passengers are not well informed and they have a lot more to do in this area. Grube said that the passengers received thousands of letters and e-mails each day from one thousand to one thousand 3 thousand, said that the passengers were particularly upset with the delays and the information given wrong, but most customers were satisfied with the service of the DB. Grube, who has been managing DB since 2009, said that by the end of this year they will add eight ICE 3 trains from Siemens to their fleet and then they will get the new 10 train. 2014 27 double-decker train delivery until the middle of the 770 trains and the 2016 trains, who expressed that the CEO, XNUMX, the next generation of the new generation of CCX trains, the first generation of the fleet of İC trains and will begin to take place, he said.

15 said that since October 100 will ask questions to the 300 thousand employees in the country and they will reveal their expectations. This year, 4 thousand 100 young people offer the opportunity to offer vocational training Grube, 11 thousand people in the previous year said they provide employment. The question of what Deutsche Bahn will do to be the world leader in the sector, the successful manager said, will reduce their debts, which are 17 billion euros first, and that they will take on new investments.

Source: CİHAN

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