Gaziantep Gar building was declared historical building

A new page has been opened for immovables belonging to TCDD, which has been the subject of discussion in Gaziantep for years, and most of the immovables TCDD wants to sell have been registered as historical artifacts by the Gaziantep Regional Board for the Protection of Cultural Heritage. There are even dormitories among the buildings that the board has taken under protection.

Some immovables belonging to TCDD on an area of ​​450 thousand square meters, whose zoning plan could not be prepared and put up for sale due to zoning disputes, were declared as 2nd degree historical artifacts. The station building comes first among the places declared as historical monuments. In addition to the station building, the customs building and maintenance station were also taken under protection. However, the board made another interesting decision and declared some lodgings belonging to TCDD as historical monuments. Stating that it is not appropriate for the High Council of Monuments to register the lodgings in the Station Square, Station Manager İsmail Hakkı Solak stated that the lodgings are very old and unusable. Solak, who compared the station lodgings to the houses in rural areas, said, "Maybe if they were not registered, they could be demolished and rebuilt."

Approximately 400 acres of land in the west of the historical Silk Road whipped the appetite of almost everyone. The State Railways had made a plan for this area involving high-rise residences and business centers in 2009, and wanted it to be approved by the Metropolitan and District Municipal Councils. However, the Gaziantep Branch of the Chamber of Architects objected to the suspended plan, which argued that it would affect the Gaziantep City Plan negatively. Gaziantep Branch of the Chamber of Architects applied to the Gaziantep 1st Administrative Court to cancel this plan. As a result of the lawsuit, the court found the objection of the Chamber of Architects to be justified and canceled the zoning plan that the State Railways wanted to have built on 12.05.2011 with the decision numbered 2009 for 99.


The station, gar, lodging and add-on buildings from the Republican Period were registered as a second-degree historical building by the Board of Monuments. No changes can be made without the permission of the Council for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage, in the field that has been approved by the Board by taking this decision in line with its own determinations and investigations.

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