Denizli's export goods will now go to Izmir port by train

The logistics center demanded by businessmen from Denizli to enter the world market by reaching Izmir Port by train for a long time was opened. With the Günaydın Group Logistics Center opened in the Sarayköy district, the products of Denizli companies will be transported to Izmir Port by train.

Logistics center in Sarayköy was opened with a ceremony. Denizli Governor Abdülkadir Demir, AK Party Denizli deputies Nihat Zeybekci, Mehmet Yüksel and Bilal Uçar, Denizli Mayor Osman Zolan, Sarayköy District Governor Aydın Abak and protocol members attended the opening ceremony.

Governor Demir stated that the transportation center will become more economical with the opened logistics center and said, hale The competition among businessmen in the world is increasing. In order to take part in this competition, we need to make transportation and infrastructure smooth. When we offer these opportunities to our businessmen, they will increase their exports. When this structure is completed, our businessmen will be able to easily install their products and sell more products. Transportation to the port is extremely important for Denizli. There is no need for any investments in terms of railways related to Denizli-Izmir transportation. All lines have been completely renewed. Bütün

Emphasizing that the logistics center planned to be built by the state in Kaklik has reached the final stage in its tender, Demir said, “The logistics center to be built in Kaklik will be extremely modern. We believe that this will be completed in 1-1,5 years at the latest, and it will come to the last point in terms of the work done on loading. " he spoke.

Günaydın Group Board Member Erol Günaydın said that the logistics center, which started to operate, will become more active in the coming period.

Explaining that his companies started to operate in İzmir in 1967, Günaydın said, “We are a 45 years old company. We serve more than 650 thousand customers with more than 800 vehicles, more than 3 personnel, more than 2 thousand rental vehicles. The area where we are most active is container transportation and warehousing. We have a great place in urban and intercity freight transportation. We continue our work in cargo transportation, international shipping and container transportation. " He spoke in the form.

After the speeches, Governor Demir, deputies Zeybekci, Yuksel and Ucar, Mayor Zolan, District Governor Abak and protocol members cut the opening ribbon of the logistics center together.

Source: FastNews

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