Ertiryakili TÜVASAŞ

17 August earthquake that almost destroyed one after Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. was established in the heart of the debate in order not to run any more ...

On the one hand, even a wagon door cannot be produced from this factory.
On the one hand the factory's recoverable equipment can be gathered and moved to another city. In

In the history of Adapazarı, the memory of many people and the sweat of the factory between the piles of debris, the owners of these memories and forehead sweat, wrapped in wounds and machine sounds with workers and managers inde

TÜVASAŞ is almost a reflection of Adapazarı… A factory that laughs with the city, lives and shares pain with the city, integrated with the city ...

2002'yl beginning of a new era in the field portion of Wagon Factory in Turkey, the importance given to the state railways came with a lot of work expected location.
Now, Turkey, wanted to capture contemporary in the railway transport.

High-speed trains, diesel trains, and comfortable wagons were targeted instead of the wagons that TCDD could not and did not modernize for years.

Railways that were constantly harming and could not renew themselves would be brought to the desired level with the new vision.

And in 2003, Ibrahim Ertiryaki became the leader to achieve these goals.
TÜVASAŞ Ertiryaki'l the period until Turkey has met its first factory.

Specifically, Transportation, Ertirya Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim's emphasis on working towards the vision of domestic production and foreign partnerships, the factory achieving 90 percent indigenization was to print his name among Turkey's top 500 largest industry.

On the other hand I'm also familiar with enthusiasm Watch seti'yl Turkey's first diesel train carriages were carried out productions outside the cumbersome logic.

Completely production in Turkey with foreign partners willing to get outside instead of technology ministry, the Marmaray project still has enabled the company by producing partners entrusted with EUROTEM TÜVASAŞ.
Lastly, TÜVASAŞ, which exported in the 1970s, again produced passenger wagons to Iraq and Bulgaria. I am not even talking about the light rail system production used in cities such as Istanbul and Bursa within the country.
Ibrahim Ertiryaki, who has gained appreciation with his production point and management, will be remembered for his exemplary personality as well as his title as the longest-running General Manager of the factory with his achievements nok
Believing that İbrahim Ertiryaki will achieve successful works in his new position at the Ministry, the city and the country kazanWe will not forget your…

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