Going fast with a train

Eskişehir's Odunpazarı Municipality Police Department teams carry out inspections for beggars in 43 neighborhoods, especially in the city center. The beggar named Adil Aydın (56), who was taken into custody in an operation in the city center, was surprised by the teams when he came and went from Ankara to Eskişehir by high-speed train every day to beg, and to find bank receipts showing his pension card and rent income.

Odunpazarı Municipality Police Department teams found 56 TL in a search on the beggar named Adil Aydın (515). In addition, it was determined that Aydın came to Eskişehir with the daily High Speed ​​Train to beg from Ankara and returned to Ankara in the evening by the High Speed ​​Train. It was determined that Aydın had a special dress made to beg, that he wore a different outfit during the high-speed train journey, and a different outfit he made while begging. It was also stated that the beggar had bankbooks, pensioner cards and bank receipts showing the rental income.

Odunpazarı Mayor Burhan Sakallı, begging the results of begging operations with great seriousness is satisfactory, he said. Mayor Sakallı stated that they would not abandon the follow-up of the people and people who are seeking their livelihoods by begging their livelihoods and exploiting the goodwill of the citizens. Bearded, citizens to live in a comfortable, safe and peaceful environment to continue to work in order to allow the continued expansion of the day will continue by expressing, the citizens of the peace of mind by the eyes of those who missed the eye will not open the eyes noted.

Source : www.dunyabulteni.net


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