Denizli's Metrobuses on the roads, minibuses on the action

13 metrobuses in Denizli started to serve in the city. However, changing the routes of the minibuses caused the line owners to react.
Denizli Municipality, under the supervision of public transport TUREX company purchased about a month ago, metrobusler began yesterday. 18 metrobus 200 meter-long 13 meter-long XNUMX metrobus, Pamukkale University campus began to work on the route until the Üçler Quarter, Denizli Municipality also changed some of the minibus lines on the route. The minibuses were forbidden to enter the streets where metrobuses crossed the city and reacted to the municipality due to the application. With the new application, the main arteries such as İstiklal Street, Bayramyeri, Second Commercial Road, İncilipınar and Saltak Street were removed from the minibuses' routes.
Reacting to the decision, the minibusists gathered in front of Denizli Municipality and protested the decision. The owner of the 300 minibus line collected at Çınar Square booed the Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan and called for his resignation. 16 protesting the decision by applause.

'The people of this city are excluded, the foreign company is protected'

Başkaya said, “Denizli Municipality has implemented an urban transportation plan. This plan has nothing to do with the plan made by Pamukkale University. It is an application that is under the initiative of the municipality and protects and watches private public buses. Many streets are built one way and it is forbidden to enter minibuses. The people of this city are excluded, the foreign company is protected. This practice tortures the people of Denizli and a blow to the tradesmen. Roads forbidden to use minibuses and private vehicles are open to public buses. Our citizens have been forced to get on public buses standing by lap and lap, rubbing, and their right to choose minibuses and buses has been taken away ”.
The minibusists who said their actions will continue and fight until they get their rights, broke up without incident.

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