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Conductor (Level 4) ve By-Law on the Preparation of National Occupational Standards uyarınca and sayılı Regulation on Establishment, Duty, Working Procedures and Principles of Sector Committees Yönetmelik according to the Law on Professional Qualification Authority (VQA) numbered National Vocational Standard 5544 Development of TCDD commissioned by MYK and TCDD Personnel Solidarity and Solidarity Foundation.
Conductor (Level 4) national occupational standard was evaluated by taking the opinions of relevant institutions and organizations in the sector, FMC Transport, Logistics and Communication. It was approved by the Executive Board of the VQA after being reviewed by the Sector Committee.
The conductor (Level 4) is the person who checks and inspects the passenger car in the service train, meets passengers, sends them off, checks the tickets and checks, carries out the services related to the passengers' travel during the service and keeps the wagons and the train under surveillance.
The conductor is responsible for the accuracy, timing and quality of the operations under partial supervision. It works in accordance with the work instructions in the conduct of the transactions, uses limited self-management in the subjects under its responsibility when faced with extraordinary situations, supervises the routine work of other personnel on the train. It is also the responsibility of the conductor to obtain his own work safety and to contribute to the safety of other people he works with.
Measurement and evaluation to be carried out for certification purposes in accordance with national qualifications based on the conductor (Level 4) occupational standard shall be realized in written and / or oral theoretical and practical basis in the measurement and evaluation centers where the necessary working conditions are provided.
The principles of application with the method of measurement and evaluation are detailed in the national qualifications to be prepared according to this occupational standard. The procedures related to measurement and evaluation and certification are carried out within the framework of Professional Qualification, Examination and Certification Regulation.

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