The container train that connects the industrialist of Ankara directly to the sea, smiles the face of the exporter

The container train that connects the industrialist of Ankara directly to the sea, Ankara 1. He was sent to the Port of Mersin for the second time from the Organized Industrial Zone. 11 October 2012 was held in Sincan Organized Industrial Zone on Thursday for the container train which made its first flight in September. Containers by train to Izmir and Mersin ports that provide direct connections to industrialists in Ankara, "container train, 2023 billion dollars in 500 export target will deliver us more quickly." He said.

The container train, which carried out its first flight in September, was sent to Mersin Port for the second time. A train was organized in the Sincan Organized Industrial Zone for the train, which consisted of the 33 wagon and carried white goods to be exported abroad. The ceremony was attended by ASO Chairman Nurettin Özdebir, TCDD Load Office Vice President Kamil Kahyaoğlu, Termikel Inc. Chairman Ahmet Kaya and OSB officials attended the ceremony.

Termikel Inc. Chairman Ahmet Kaya stated that they preferred to send the ovens they exported from Mersin to Mersin Port by container train. Et Industrialist who invests in Central Anatolia should reach the ports economically. Why else would he invest in this area? Industrialists want fast, economical and safe transportation. Container train also offers us this possibility. Our load of 33 wagons will be in Mersin Port at 22 hour and will be sent abroad. Our goal is to increase the rate of transport by rail. While increasing this, we recommend that other companies in the Organized Industrial Zone use the railway in their exports. Many companies are looking to work with railways positively. Shortly thereafter, railway transportation from the organized industrial zone will be significant. I believe that 2023 will reach our export destination with 500 billion dollars more quickly by container train. Ben

Di We opened the ports to the ports by train, ay he said, noting that the railways should better explain the blessings to the industrialist. Businessmen and port owners to meet with TCDD to explain the railways and work done by the OIZ officials, "the subconscious of business people should install railways." He said.

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