CHP members reminded Topbaş about the metrobus case with drums and whistles

CHP officials, the purchase of BRT on trial for alleged abuse of office and the first hearing of the case opened in the case of Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbas to be held tomorrow in the second hearing in front of the IMM Building reminded us by playing drums zurna.

CHP members gathered in front of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in Sarachane, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbas'a trial for the second trial of the case reminded by drum.

CHP Istanbul Provincial Vice President Mustafa Ataş made a statement on behalf of the CHP members who gathered in front of the IMM Building at noon.

Attachments; Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbas, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council CHP Group's 3 year-long law struggle, the payment of irregularities in the purchase of BRT paid for the people of Istanbul reminded me of the money.

Mustafa Ataş said, kullanma The case in which Kadir Topbaş was tried was a case of abuse of office. Despite all our warnings at that time, Mr. Topbaş went even though it was cheaper, he bought Phileas brand BRTs instead of the bidding Capa City buses, and he paid 150 million liras for Istanbul. These buses were also on the road. Alın

CHP deputies can be opened three years after the efforts of the CHP Provincial Vice President said, ini The first hearing of the case was in 17 May. However, Mr. Topbaş, who grew up everywhere, did not come to this hearing for some reason. Then we said at the exit of the hearing, 'the next hearing will remind Mr. Topbas drum zurn. There is the second hearing of this case at the Çağlayan Courthouse in Yarın. Mr. Topbas reminds him of this hearing so that he reminds us of the drum. Say

He said that he will remind him every case that Topbaş did not come from now on in this way. After the statement, the CHP drummers accompanied the drum zurna for a while.
CHP Group SözcüSü Özgen Nama said, "If Mr. Topbaş has not heard of this drum hitting today, we will write him a letter tomorrow and report the date of the hearing."

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