Reaction from CHP to New Metrobus Lines in Denizli

CHP Denizli Central District Chairman Ömer Yurtseven claimed that the transportation rent of the city was marketed to Turex and said, "The AKP's municipality, which treated Turex as a beating and beating the minibus tradesmen, now deserved a whopping slap." said. Stating that Denizli's transportation has turned into a mess, and the unannounced practices infuriated the citizens, Yurtseven said, “The municipality decides in the evening and gets up to practice in the morning. It is imposed on the people without consulting anybody, with the understanding of 'I did it, it was done', reminiscent of the times of sultanate. " said.

CHP Central District Chairperson Yurtseven said the following in a written statement: “Why does the municipality, which occupies the public opinion and organizes polls, whether Denizli's rooster statue is made of glass or soil, does not show the same sensitivity about transportation? Why is one-way traffic not announced to the citizens in advance? Why are the routes of the minibuses being re-determined according to Turex? Why is it played with the bread of the minibus? Are the people of Denizli thought to be sheep to be herded? We strongly condemn and protest this understanding, which signed almost the death warrant of 850 minibus tradesmen with Turex, which finished the shopkeepers with shopping malls. Denizli's transportation master plan is mentioned, but its details are not shared with the public. Was this plan based on the traffic density of countries such as Kenya, Bhutan or Angola? What kind of contract has been signed between the municipality and the Turex company belonging to the AKP's Kiler family? Does this contract include the articles 'No stopping, continue to torture citizens or destroy minibus tradesmen'? Is it the result of the bargaining behind closed doors, so great in accessing Turex? Does Denizli Mayor Osman Zolan serve the supporters or citizens with his practices that are disconnected from the public in transportation? "

Stating that in contemporary democracies, local governments engage decision mechanisms based on democratic participation and govern the city together with the people, Ömer Yurtseven said, “We have neither democracy nor participation. On the contrary, there is imposition and torment. There is an understanding that spoils the vital fabric of Denizli city and changes its genetics, but this understanding will take the lesson it deserves from the public in the first election and will receive a whopping slap. " He spoke in the form.

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