CHP to AKP metro example

CHP's Istanbul Provincial Administration came to my visit. I listened to Istanbul Province President Oğuz Kaan Salıcı how to do an effective work in local elections: “There are 32 thousand 145 ballot boxes in our city. We will assign at least 2 people per ballot box. 70 thousand people - whose weight will consist of women - will visit all the houses in that region. They will work every day, not just election day, until the election. They will listen to people's troubles. They will ask why you did not vote for the CHP. Each region will be visited 4 times until the elections. ”
I told the CHP Provincial Mayor that Istanbul Municipality was very successful and therefore they would have difficulty. "We do better than the AK Party" replied with the example of Metro: "When Marmaray is finished, Istanbul will be 135 km metro. However, 600 km is needed. The sea routes cover only 6% of the total transportation. We will increase this rate. AKP focuses on development. Because there is rent in development. By making changes in the point of planning, an unjust resource is created for someone. We are willing to solve the traffic problem of Istanbul. ”
My CHP guests also compared the kilometer price of Izmir and Istanbul subway. They said that the Izmir metro was built by the municipality with its own resources and at low cost. (Cost per million in İzmir is 56 million liras; 140 million liras in Istanbul.)
I thought of them as passengers ... Will they ever find a place to make their claims? In the 38.8 local election, where the AK Party's votes were reduced to 2009%, Topbaş received 44%. Kılıçdaroğlu, who had a great wind at that time, remained at 37%. Will the CHP get a more positive atmosphere than 2009 in 2013?

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