Bus Routes in Konya Change Today

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department, some buses on the routes of the 1 will change from October to October announced.

In the written statement made by Konya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department, as of Monday, October 1, Meram New Road numbered 4, Meram Yaka numbered 2, Hocafakih-Medical Faculty numbered 1 and Meram Old Road-Havzan lines of some lines were It was stated that it was arranged to pass in front of the municipality.

The new routes are as follows:

No. 1 Hodjafakh - Faculty of Medicine and Meram Collar No. 2:

Departure: Anasultan-Municipality-Nalçacı-Sille Junction-Beşyol-Alaaddin.

Return: Normal route.

Meram-New Road Line 4:

Departure: Anasultan-Military Hospital-Municipality-Nalcaci-Sille Junction-Beşyol-Alaaddin.

Return: Normal route.

Meram Old Road-Basin Line 6:

Departure: Anasultan-Meram Old Road-City Street-Ebusuud Efendi Street-Larende Street-Stadium-Feridiye Police Station-Millet Street-Belediye-Nalçacı-Sille Junction-Beşyol-Alaaddin.

Return: Alaaddin-Kulturpark- departure route above.

In the statement, the route of the Lalebahçe-Gülbahçe line 9-10 was arranged to go to the Old Garage, and the route of this line is; Lalebahçe route-Larende Street-Furkan Dede Street-Old Garage, and the return route will be Old Garage-Furkan Dede Street-Larende Street-Lalebahçe route.

The new service hours can be found on the website of the Metropolitan Municipality and the billboards at the stops.

Source : www.haberciniz.biz



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