The construction of the port established for BTK railway continues rapidly

The construction of the port in accordance with the international standards built in the town of Elet, near Baku, Baku, continues rapidly. The port is planned to be transported by Baku-Tbilisi -Kars (BTK) railway to the countries located in the Caspian Sea (Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran).

Elçin Mirzayev, General Director of Port of Maritime Affairs of Azerbaijan, made a statement to the press on the subject and stated that the construction of the port continues rapidly and will be in service at the beginning of 2015. Mirzayev stated that the 9 bin4 thousand tons of cargo was transited by the facilities available in the first 750 of this year. Mirzayev pointed out that Baku is the center of the region both in terms of population and commercial potential. The construction of the port began in 2010.

Source : www.polis.web.t is

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