Owl Flight and Fast Train

Japanese engineers and scientists as N 500 series Japon
with a significant problem when designing high-speed trains
they encounter: Noise.
The solution is perfect of birds
In the design of the Japanese calling,
and successfully implemented.
Ği Security ür is the most important for fast trains produced by the Japanese
is one of the issues. The second issue is Japan environment
Compliance with standards. Japan
world railway
the most rigid ları noise standards katı
It has. Using more available technologies today
it is quite easy to go fast. But with that
It is relatively difficult to go quieter. Japanese Environment
According to the regulations of the Ministry,
25 m of a railway. noise level
75 should be decibel or less. Standing in red light
When the green light of the cars lights up at the same time
The noise generated is 80 decibels. With these values
The comparison is called "Shinkansen"
it shows how quiet the train should be.
The reason for the sound that the train has reached until it reaches a certain speed,
The movement of the wheels on the rails. But
when the speed is 200 km / h
aerodynamic noise in air.
Number one in the formation of aerodynamic noise
used to pick up electricity from the top wires
pantographs or current collectors. Normally
noise with rectangular pantographs used
engineers who realize that will not decrease their research
they concentrate on fast but silent moving creatures.
The owl performs the most silent flight in all the birds.
The secrets behind owls flying low
one of them is the folds on their wings. the Owl
rough feathers not found in other birds' wings
has. They can even be seen. ”Aerodynamic sound“
is caused by vortices formed in the air stream. whirlpools
The larger the sound also increases. Owl's wing
Since there are many rough protrusions, large vortices
instead of small whirlpools and owls extremely
performs a quiet flight.
Japanese engineers and designers
When the owl is tested in a wind tunnel, this
the perfection of the bird's wing structure once again
They saw. Finally, the noise on the train,
wing-shaped pantographs
have succeeded in reducing. In this way, the Japanese
inspired by nature
system, ın doing its job quietly ”system title
has been awarded.



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