Balikesir Logistics Center to be opened to Europe and Asia

balikesir gokkoy logistics center
balikesir gokkoy logistics center

Gökköy Logistics Center with a carrying capacity of 1 million tons, which is being established by TCDD in Balıkesir, will play an important role in transporting the products in the region to Europe and Asia. Automotive, food and mineral products will be transported from the logistics center.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), as well as in European countries, in an area that allows you to switch between modes of transportation, the property can meet the freight logistics needs, technological, and according to economic development, establishing modern logistics centers. In this context, not only to the region where Turkey, as well as the general appeal of great importance that supply load centers, logistics centers, especially being in close plants 16 point to the organized industrial zone.

One of these studies, and importantly, the investment program in 2007 and began to work in Balıkesir Gökköy Logistics Center, attracts attention as the location. Gökköy Logistics Center will have an important position in the Europe-Asia route and will therefore ensure that Balıkesir will be opened to the world in terms of trade. With the realization of the Tekirdağ-Bandırma Train-Ferry Project, the transfer of all kinds of cargoes produced in and around Balıkesir will be made easily to the city via transfer of the Kars-Tbilisi-Baku Railway Line to Europe.

Transportation of automobile, container, chipboard, marble products, foodstuff (meat and dairy products, dry food, etc.), fiber and synthetic materials, beverages, coal, military loads, iron ore and various industrial products from the logistics center. Said Logistics Centers with Turkey to 1 million tons carrying capacity of the logistics industry to provide more country-211 thousand square meters of logistics space will be conferred. The tender for the tender price of 22 million 966 thousand pounds of the establishment of the center of May last year began in May and was planned to be put into service by the end of 2013.

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