Balıkesir is becoming a logistics center

The logistics center established in Balıkesir will have a carrying capacity of 1 million tons. The products produced in the region will reach Europe and Asia from here.

State Railways invest in logistics as well as investment in rails. Within this framework, a logistics center is being established in Balıkesir by the State Railways. When the Gökköy Logistics Center, which continues to be established in Balıkesir, is completed, it will come to the fore in the city logistics area. Gökköy Logistics Center will have an important position in the Europe-Asia line and thus will enable Balıkesir to open up to the world in terms of trade.

Two projects are important for Gökköy Logistics Center. In this context, the Tekirdağ-Bandırma Train-Ferry Project and Kars-Tbilisi-Baku Railway Line must be put into service in order for the center to work fully.

With the realization of the Tekirdağ-Bandırma Train-Ferry Project, the transportation of Europe and the Kars-Tbilisi-Baku Railway Line to Asia will be easily carried out through the center.

While the center is planned to be completed and put into service in mid-2013, State Railways' investments in the logistics area continue throughout the country.




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