Escalators in Avcılar Metrobüs Station

Avcılar Metrobus Station was brought to the escalator, but 1 can not be operational for months. The elevator is not working well. The elderly and the disabled cannot reach the station.

You know… When the Metrobus line was extended to Beylikdüzü, some arrangements were made at Avcılar station. The stop was expanded to find a cure for the absence of absence in the morning and evening. The works have been completed weeks and months. Come, the elevator and escalator problem could not be resolved. Patients, the elderly, the disabled, tens of steps are forced to go up and down. Especially disabled people suffer greatly. There seems to be a so-called elevator, but it just can't start operating. If you say the escalator, festivities to the houses. The so-called escalator would be built, they brought the ladder to the station a month ago, but they did not put it. The huge staircase lay at the stop for days, finally placed the day before.


But the officers disappeared again. There is no work to run the ladder. So this view revolts the passengers. Calling the Emergency Complaint Line, the citizen said, “No one thinks of the elderly, the disabled, the child with the child! Does anyone see this torment? ” says…

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