Swedish architects and journalists visit Marmaray, the biggest project of the century

While Marmaray continued to attract the attention of the world, it began to welcome foreign journalists, architects and enthusiasts from various sectors.

Turkey's Marmaray project of the giant reporters from the world while continuing to attract the attention abroad, architects and started to entertainment enthusiasts from various sectors. Marmaray, who is in line for the world to tour, is flocked by those who are interested in experts, journalists and various professional groups.

The group of 25, a group of Swedish journalists and architects brought by the Global Travel Travel Agency, visited Marmaray, which they described as mim the wonder of the world oluş.
Construction of Marmaray, Eurasia Construction Project Manager Mehmet Çilingir, Swedish guests summarized the work done.

Swedish guests landed at 25 meters below ground. They roamed the Marmaray tunnel at a depth of 18 with an inclination of 40. The 135 11 58 tube measuring 13.6 meters of each of the 2.5 meters below the specified in the underground tunnel length is specified as XNUMX mileage said. Tubes on the floor of the Bosphorus were buried under the ground excavated in order to protect against external influences and it was told that there was a pile of soil reaching XNUMX meters. It was stated that the tube connections against the earthquakes were made with the playing material and that it was positioned against all kinds of shocks.

Global Travel Travel Agency President Süleyman Gök said, dik In the past months, Marmaray brought various groups from the Netherlands, England and the United States. Ları Among the projects that attracted the attention of the world, Marmaray ranks first. We receive offers from many countries of the world who want to visit Marmaray. Turkey's face flowed projects have created a new working group to present to the world, "he said.
Ine We make the difference in tourism, an said Süleyman Gök, a member of the Virgin Air group, a group of controllers from various ports of the UK.

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