Domestic warning to the Chinese company that won the Ankara Metro's train sets tender

The Turkish manufacturer argued that the Chinese company, which won the Ankara Metro's train sets tender, should be warned about "localness", on the condition that 51 percent is local.

Nuri Ünver, the general manager of a Turkish company that designs and manufactures mobile air-conditioning systems, pointed out the train sets to be produced by the Chinese company for the Ankara Metro and said that the foreign companies engaged in rail system projects should be warned to fulfill the domestic production requirement.
Unver, Turkey 2023 years until the rail system that foresees to invest a significant amount of the project, light rail, metro and tram projects covered a total of about 8 thousand vagonluk said he would emerge a demand. Considering that there are 2 airconditioners in each wagon, Ünver pointed out that the cost of air conditioning projects of vehicles will keep a significant share. He emphasized that the government attaches great importance to localization in tenders and that there is a requirement of increasing domestic goods.

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