Question marks on the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line by Oya Arapoğlu

What did City Planner Oya Arapoğlu write about the high-speed train project? Arapoğlu, "The high-speed train line to be built on the Ankara-Istanbul route has been on the agenda of Sapanca Yanık village and Sakarya for a while with many question marks."

Undoubtedly rail transportation is the cheapest, safest and fastest way of transportation in both urban and intercity transportation. The need for the most efficient use of time, minimizing the damage caused by road transport vehicles, increasing fuel prices and being a more reliable means of transportation according to other transportation models have accelerated the investments in the railway sector.

The main objective is to make 15 km / h speed railway line for the Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Train project, which has a population of 5 million with a population of 250 million and with the population of 533 million. Istanbul-Ankara between the 3 hour and the day of 50.000 passenger transport is targeted.

Since Ankara is the capital city and Istanbul is a trade and industrial city, the demand for transportation between them increases day by day in parallel with the development in economy, industry and trade, and as a result of the project, the connection of the two largest cities of our country is expected to increase social, economic and cultural exchange. One of the goals is to connect Ankara directly to Europe by integrating it with the "Marmaray Project".

However, in determining the high speed train route, the AB FEATURES OF THE SETTLEMENTS “and the social, cultural and economic conditions of the inhabitants of the“ LIVING CITY “were taken into consideration? Because of the unfair practice that they encountered during the construction of the high-speed train project, the people of Yanık village and the people of Sapanca try to make their voices heard.

Sapanca has important tourism potential not only for Sakarya but also for our country due to the characteristics of the geography. Lake, water, streams, forest, green, air, mountain, plateau is a place of natural wonders with rare natural beauty of the water and drinking water has the property of the Sapanca Lake. Therefore, the basin of Sapanca is under protection and is subject to various restrictions.

For many years, the most rigid, protectionist decisions are made for the region, while those who want to build prefabricated houses on the land are subject to many restrictions and procedures, what is changing is the source of drinking water, environment, nature and the people who live there are also unimportant. Is it becoming? To date, the decisions taken, the approved plans and implementation provisions become invalid? 40 iş Stone Quarry Licenses or, which was closed for dangerous years ago, is given one after the other, how is this contradiction being experienced?

The high speed train project will bring to Ankara and Istanbul. What will be the gains of Sapanca and Sakarya? East of Sapanca; The construction of the tunnel which will be connected to the Sapanca-Pamukova connection of the High Speed ​​Train Line and its height which will provide connection to this tunnel 10-15m. viaduct is said to be the railroad, while west of Sapanca; west of the railway line will be used for the construction of the gravel dynamite to supply the material to be used in the stone quarry.

It is tried to explain the stall in Sapanca by contradictory statements by the authorities. It was explained in a meeting made by TCDD technical personnel that it would pass through Sapanca-Pamukova tunnel after the main station in Köseköy. with the train line, only Istanbul-Adapazari trains stopped in Sapanca, Capital express, Blue train, Fatih express, such as the main train trains could not be provided in the past.

How is it possible for the high-speed train to stop at Sapanca?
Adapazarı the same situation in question. In particular, the sale of railway stations (Haydarpaşa garı) and Adapazarı railway station in the development plans of the shopping center is taken into account, considering the Adapazarlılar who want to use the fast train will benefit from this service.

In this case, the passengers from the main station in Köseköy to Sapanca and Adapazarı will use the commuter train or the highway? Which train station will Adapazarı people go to Istanbul and Ankara? These issues remain unclear.

Sustainable development policies bring sustainable environmental policies together. Otherwise, the cost of reusing the environment consumed causes unnecessary waste of the resources of the country. However, it is not possible to recycle the natural resources that are consumed most of the time.

We expect that the air, water, soil, forests will be protected from the living spaces of all living things, and that the powers that have transparent and participatory management understanding will give the answers to all these questions in the minds of our heads as soon as possible and stop this massacre.

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