About Manisa Spil Mountain Infrastructure and Ropeway Project ..

The tender process for the infrastructure project at Manisa Spil Mountain was completed.

Infrastructure conditions will be improved in order to realize the foreseen investments in Spil Mountain, which is the important natural tourism center of Manisa. A press conference was held in the Manisa Governorship Briefing Hall on the subject. In the meeting organized jointly by Governor Halil İbrahim Daşöz and the 4th Regional Director of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, Rahmi Bayrak, information about the project was given to the press. As a result of the tender held by the General Directorate of National Parks, with the investment that will cost 11 million 890 thousand liras, a waste water treatment plant for 7 thousand 500 people, two water tanks, one of which is 50 and the other 300 cubic meters, walking tracks made of natural stones, 2 A thousand square meters of parking area will be built and the width of the roads will be increased to 15 meters. Spil Mountain's tourism kazanManisa Governor Halil İbrahim Daşöz, who stated that he would move much further from his current position, said, “To make Manisa a real value for İzmir, for Turkey. Of course, many different opinions are expressed for this purpose. In the past, a tender was held for the construction of a hotel and other declaration areas. There were very detailed projects. There were two hotels, day trips and areas to evaluate. Entrepreneurs who do not want to invest said that there is an infrastructure problem here. There is no water on Spil Mountain to support major tourism centers. Treatment, no more water facilities. There are road standards problems. There is an open electrical system in primitive conditions. In short, there are serious shortcomings for the basic requirements of large investments. From now on, we will complete the infrastructure deficiencies with the preliminary opinion of our Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs Veysel Eroğlu and the evaluation of our friends. It becomes easier to complete other works in an area with a completed infrastructure.” he said.


The Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs 4 stated that a very important project was carried out. Regional Manager Rahmi Bayrak, in Spil, which Manisa has been talking about for years, will finally come to life under the leadership of our Minister and the Governor. In this context, we started the infrastructure business. After the conclusion of the tender, we delivered the place ten days ago. The contractor started to work. 500 was given a day but the company said it would shorten this time and it would finish sooner. X


At the end of the meeting, responding to questions of the press, Governor Daşöz gave information about the i Teleferik Project Top. Daşöz, the governor, said: Ik There is a lot of wrong information about the ropeway project. It's a misunderstanding when I talk shortly. After the completion of the rate, there is a topic to talk to the tourism investors. A straight line cannot be reached there. There are curved valleys. There is no power to save those hanging from the ropeway in a power outage. Kes

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