Ikizce Devrent Hill is planned to build a ropeway

Ikizce Devrent Hill will be built a ropeway. The mayor of Ikizce, Birol KAYGI stated that they had rescued the İkizce Town, which was about to be completed, from the dust and that all the houses on the edge of the river would be painted and the color of the mak onion peel 'would be painted and Belde would have an aesthetic appearance. KAYGI is located just behind the District and the City Hall, and will start at the opposite bank of the river and end on the Devrent Hill. The 15 will be the first and only 'Rail Cable Car sosyal system to be built on the land with its social areas, bungalow houses and so on. In İkizce, he gave information that they would create a space that watched the city from above. KAYGI, also within the scope of the DOKA Project will show the part they will do, they plan to create a new tourism area in the place told.

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Günceleme: 26/04/2019 22:55

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