Trams Can Be Made Absolutely

Nail Adalı, Head of TCDD Training Department, spoke precisely about the production of tramways of TÜLOMSAŞ: konu The information that will configure a tram is in TÜLOMSAŞ and our other partners. TÜLOMSAŞ is not very meaningful to me whether the tram makes the debate. Absolutely can be done ”

Nail Adalı, Head of TCDD Training Department who came to Eskişehir for UIC International Railway Business Course, answered questions from journalists. Adalı, Eskişehir 'ongoing' TÜLOMSAŞ can make a tram? When the discussions were reminded of them, they spoke clearly: “We cannot reach very clear places with these discussions. We can make the tram. TÜLOMSAŞ and other partners have the information to configure a tram. There is an example of this. We have a rail bus called Sakarya, Turkish engineer designed. TÜLOMSAŞ is not very meaningful to me whether the tram makes the debate. Absolutely can be done ”

In the tram production of the issue that needs to be dealt with ağ What kind of perspective does TÜLOMSAŞ have in front of, and will the long-term efforts we will provide support? Will you ensure that market? "Adali stated that questions, TÜLOMSAŞ both Eskisehir expressed that there is a chance for both Turkey.

Adalı eler The projects of TÜLOMSAŞ are unique and achievable projects. Eskişehir is the city with the most intense production for the production of towing and towed vehicles. TÜLOMSAŞ does not need to cooperate with another country at the moment. Because existing projects meet the need. But after that, he wants to get into clearer issues in Eskişehir, wants to enter research subjects, wants strategic partnerships with foreign partners. Expanding the market range

gerekiyor he said.
Mr Adalı underlined that state policy would not be sufficient in railway production. Ay Every unit should make a special effort. It's not just the matter of the state. The local desire is also very important. Yerel

Adalı stated that the rail systems test center planned to be built by Alpine University in Alpu within the scope of the railway systems cluster is a very important project for the country. The test center in stating that many studies conducted throughout Turkey Islander "How are met by TCDD study conducted by the University of Anatolia" is shaped replied to our questions; “I don't know the work of this group. Anadolu University has an in-house institute. This is a separate study. However, I don't think the cluster is involved in this cluster, but it does not include the cluster. I suggest that you talk to them and get details because they work on a really important issue. Your interest will also give them effort.

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