Is there hope for the Kocaeli Ropeway Project?

We know or know that initiatives have been taken to implement and implement the ropeway project T

Is there hope for the Ropeway Project? T

Before the local elections of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, we are hearing or knowing that there are many projects that are announced as a promise of choice.

We, as the HAK corner writers, consider the Ropeway project as a prestige project on behalf of our city, and in this sense, it would be, if not kö

Which projects can be counted except for the restoration of Sırrıpaşa Mansion in order to make the city or the province known throughout the country?

We have been able to introduce a project that has environmental awareness in our grandeur like Sekapark to our country or to the world as required ark

Those who can not be done next to what is done in Sekapark seems to be a great deal Sek

We do not wish to have a perception that we have put the head on the ropeway project Kaf

If it is done, our city will take a breath Yapıl

If it happens, our citizens will meet a new and beautiful project ir

At least they can breast their breasts in comparison with other provinces En

The excitement of ropeway riding will be overwhelmed by the overhead cost yılda

We find it unnecessary to go into other projects that are left to go Kad

If the final result is not over, there is about 17 months left in the local elections Nih

What is the appreciation of the metropolitan municipality, we just wanted to share our thoughts ehir

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