The test runs of the Golden Horn metro passage will start in September or October of 2013

Kadir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, announced that test runs in Halic subway crossing will start in September or October of 2013.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş, who came to Silivri to examine Boğluca Creek Rehabilitation works on site, answered the questions of the İHA reporter. Explaining that Boğluca creek is a stream that has great problems in floods, Topbaş said, “An investment of nearly 60 million TL has been made.

This means an urban transformation. The removal of the painted areas you see in the project are really risky areas, as can be seen in demolitions. Thus, those living here were saved at some point. We see an important urban transformation study in Silivri. In our period, we have invested 810 million TL in Silivri so far. We brought natural gas, built the infrastructure, and took the winter water under control. İSKİ has done serious work. We eliminated the problems in the area where the garbage heaps are located and we continue our investments. Our work on risky structures will continue, ”he said. Mayor Topbaş also made statements about the Golden Horn metro transition.

Stating that an agreement was reached with UNESCO, Topbaş said, “The projects have been welcomed. The bridge, which is currently being built and has not been built for 18 years, is the line that will carry 1 million passengers a day. It is expected to be operational because there is no other alternative. We are talking about a line whose tunnel excavations have been completed. In the past, our Prime Minister wanted to change the route determined in 1982, at that time it was opposed. A bridge connecting the tunnels dug by necessity is being built. I will explain this in more detail in a television show later.

Because both those who know and those who do not know. With little knowledge, someone talks a lot, finding the square empty. Those who know this would be more correct to speak, and this is a need for transportation in the city. We have to fulfill this axis, there is no other solution. Because the North-South line, which will be integrated into the Marmara rail, which is the East-West line, is expected to be activated, and this is the only way to direct individual vehicles to public transportation vehicles in the city, ”he said.

Topbaş stated that the test drives will start in September or October of 2013 and said, ay Istanbul will be beautiful and Istanbul people will make pleasant trips. They will be able to see the historic peninsula much better when crossing the subway. Think about this route through which 1 million passengers can pass, perhaps not so much traffic from Unkapanı bridge. Maybe buses will be disabled there. Need to look at the event in this respect, Ola he said.

Stating that the metrobus will not be extended to Silivri, Topbaş stated that the metro works continue and they are working on the project they have prepared.

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