The transitions of the citizens on the İZBAN line are threatening

The passages of the citizens to the İZBAN line with their own opportunities are dangerous. Those who use these passages are gambling with you

"What do you applaud in Izmir?" If they ask a question, IZBAN comes first in my answer. IZBAN is a real source of pride besides our subway that we still can't finish. However, his troubles are still not solved. I am talking about the neighborhoods that İZBAN divided into two in Gaziemir. Citizens who can walk for kilometers to their neighbors 50 meters away.

The same problem has been going on since İZBAN stepped in. There is still talk of overpasses and bridges. So what is Gaziemirli doing? With the passages opened to the train line, the citizen enters the line with the electric current. Despite the risk of a train crash, he waved his arms across the street.

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