175 of Russian Railways. A cartoon was made in honor of the Foundation Anniversary.

Sixty-second cartoons tell the history of local railways by moving the audience from the past to the future railway lines of Russia.

ITAR-TASS News Agency, prepared by Aleksandr Petrov, who won the Oscar with the cartoon version of the novel "Deniz and Deniz".

The feature of the cartilage is the 'revived painting' technique. Using this technique, the artist transfers the images onto the glass with his fingers and, in very special cases, applies to the brush's help. Each scene is a unique table and this table comes to the screen instantly. Every scene taken by the camera is erased partially or completely, and the artist starts to draw a new movement. As a result, only the last moment of the film on the glass remains.

In order to make a one-second lineage, it is necessary to draw 20 square pictures, the number of such frames in a film is more than a thousand.

The prepared video will be shown on film and television. It will be possible to see this at airports and train stations.

30 on October railways employees and all Russians with them Russian Railways 175. will celebrate the anniversary of the establishment. Russia's first railway for public use was the Tsarskoselskaya Railway. For the first time in 1837, the 'Provorni' locomotive carried a few open-top wagons that looked like iron-wheeled cars on this railway. Today, OAO RDY, 85,2 is a thousand kilometers of railway, 24,1 means a thousand long-distance passenger cars. OAO RDY is among the world's top three leaders in railway operations.

Source : http://turkish.ruvr.ru

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