Konyalılar 17 to reach the new trams through October tender

Good news for Konya transportation 60 vehicles purchase auctions for Konya tram line will be held on Wednesday Konya
Konya Metropolitan Municipality, 60 pieces of tramway vehicles, 58 pen spare parts and 1 pieces will be purchased.

The tender date is specified as October 17. Konya Metropolitan Municipality announced the specifications of the tender. According to the specification, the delivery of trams and other spare parts was determined as 1080 (binseksen) calendar day following the signing of the contract.

1 pieces will be delivered in 480 (four hundred and forty five) calendar days starting from the date of commencement. For the remaining other tramway vehicles during the period of work; not less than the monthly 3 tramway vehicle, the contractor will deliver the vehicles after they have approved the delivery schedule. Spare parts and deray equipment will take place with the delivery of the first tramway vehicle.

Source : I www.mevlanasehri.co

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