Erol İnal'lı Period started in TÜVASAŞ

Turkey Wagon Industry General Manager İbrahim Ertiryaki instead of the A.Ş., working for many years as the Turkish State Railways TCDD last week and who has been appointed Deputy General Manager Erol Inal ...
I want to give a detail Bir
Ibrahim Erytiryaki became the head of the longest factory after becoming TÜVASAŞ General Directorate.
Apparently, Ertiryaki holds the longest running General Directorate record ılan
During his period in Ertiryaki, his contributions to TÜVASAŞ are undeniable.
Erol İnal, who now takes over the flag, will contribute to İbrahim Ertiryaki's contributions to the factory…
He grew up at TCDD…
Has experience T
Know the train Tr
Knows the rails Ray
Knows the passenger car Yolcu
Knows wagons Yük
Bureaucrat is well-known because it works well Büro
General Manager Erol İnal was first to meet with his employees after he was in charge Er
He asked everyone about the situation and ord
A friendly person G
Its communication and approach to its employees is very good İletişim
The new TÜVASAŞ General Manager Erol İnal did not come to Sakarya for six months, as someone said.
Again, as someone said, he did not come to take the Headquarters staff after six months and return to Ankara.
Mr. İnal came to Sakarya Wagon Factory to do business…
He came to give the factory new jobs Fab
It came to increase production even more Üretim
The number of qualified qualified staff has come to increase if
TÜVASAŞ came to carry the flag even higher TÜ
What happens to this gigantic factory always serves to produce something Bu
TÜVASAŞ is a model TÜ
TÜVASAŞ is unique TÜ
TÜVASAŞ's mission: Design, production, repair and modernization of rail vehicles; within the framework of customer satisfaction, profitability and efficiency principles, in accordance with contemporary technology and international norms.
TÜVASAŞ's vision is to increase its share in the national market and to take part in international markets by improving its existing knowledge, skills and abilities in rail vehicle design, production and modernization.
Last sentence…
TÜVASAŞ is a really important company of the state TÜ
Managing and developing this company won't have any people yönetmek
I believe that the general manager Erol İnan has the equipment to overcome all the difficulties İnan
He has the ability to overcome all the problems with his officer and worker uyla
I wish success to Erol İnal, the general manager of TÜVASAŞ, in his new position…
Ibrahim Ertiryaki also set sail for a new era, the way and the baht open.
Obviously, the new duties of both general managers will be better Açık
Stay healthy ...

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