Bursa's New Cable Car Will Carry 1800 People Per Hour

Nature and Environment Protection Association (DOĞADER), Uludağ National Park 2. He objected to the implementation plans foreseen new developments in the so-called Development Zone. Nature for President Murat Demir, "6 percent in the world, protected areas in Europe, which remains at a ratio 11,5 1,06 percent percent in Turkey. Although the rate in our country is so low, our protected areas cannot provide adequate protection on the developed world scale. Ül

Doğader objected to the 1 / 5000 verse and 1 / 1000 implementation plans that brought new developments in Uludağ National Park. Approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, General Directorate of Natural Resources Protection 31.07.2012 days and 5561 numbered decision 29 2012-28 2012 XNUMX XNUMX suspended between the dates of application zoning plan that appealed to the application that they have an appeal to the plan, Murat Demir, plan sling time he said that they had found out that they had been examined and that there were deficiencies.

Demir said, X In the evaluation conducted by our association, 1 / 100.000 scale plan 5.3. 1 / 25.000 scale Environmental Plans in accordance with these plan decisions will be made in the planning regions. 1 / 25.000 scale Plans without plans and sub-plans can not be made 'revision can not be done. 1 / 25.000 2. The Development Zone 1 / 5000 Scale Protection Master Plan and the approval of the 1 / 1000 scale Conservation Implementation Plan are in contradiction with the 1 / 100.000 scale plan provisions. Gelişim

Doğuş Chairman Murat Demir stated that Uludağ should also be remembered as a national park when plans were developed on Uludağ and said anda National Parks Act 14. item is very clear and clear. National parks around the world are managed under even more severe conditions that limit human activities. Uludag National Park 2, which has been announced as a tourism region although it has no place in Uludag National Park concept, is the last plan change. Development Zone. Although this place is defined as a ği tourism region ”in the legal status, it is clear that plans without the National Park Law cannot be produced Her.

In the framework of the changes made to the plan, Bursa Governorship Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization, 29 August 2012 date congressional center of the selected area of ​​doğal location has lost its naturalness as previously citing the change of the plan cited Murat Demir, Çevre However, in Uludag National Park 2 is the cause of this artificial disorder. in the region in the region during the construction of the rubble was poured into this region. 2. Although it is known that soil debris can not be poured in this area known as the site, it is thought provoking to approve the plan changes by giving the eye an eye and then the deterioration. Every building in Uludağ causes deterioration in other areas and new developments are made by showing this as a reason for the deterioration Ulu.

The Chairman of the Doğader Demir, who claimed that part of the construction area as a için Convention Center ğ in the plan changes is planned and planned on ader important areas, described in the National Park concept, içinde 1200 vehicles for the location described as ın Convention Center kavram. parking is foreseen. Our association believes that parking is planned as a congress center in order to prevent the reactions that can be made. Because the new ropeway project, which the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has designed and laid the foundation, has been planned and manufactured to carry 1800 people to Uludağ every hour. Considering that this project is completed and 10 hours are working per day, 18 thousand people will benefit from transportation in one day. Considering this direction, it is understood that in Uludağ, which is a national park, only the public transportation vehicles should be allowed by the road within the scope of the new ropeway project developed. This is an approach that does not conform to the national park concept. Also mentioned is 2. The hotels in the Development Area have large meeting and congress rooms. Only the 10-meter road passes between the last station of the new Ropeway Project and the planned congress and parking area. Despite this, the planned ın Convention Center ı and the lık Parking park vehicle for 1200 vehicles are excluded from the protection of the national park. Plan changes made to 3. The building block is designated as daily facilities. The concept of national park is where human activities are limited. It was seen that these facilities were planned within the ”sports area üştür. In the national park concept, day-to-day facilities are small hut-style structures, mostly made of wood, meeting the basic requirements of people. It is a wrong application due to the fact that, in the plans made, there is a very high floor height such as 4,5 meters and it is not specified what kind of material. For these reasons, 31.07.2012 of Osmangazi District, Uludağ National Park, which was suspended under 5561-29.08.2012, was approved by 28.09.2012 days and 2 of the General Directorate of Conservation of Natural Assets under the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Development Region 1 / 5000 Objection Plan for Scale of Conservation and 1 / 1000 objection to the implementation of the Plan for Conservation of Conservation and we object to the appeal of the appeal of the request for the evaluation of your institution, "he said.

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