Ordu University Rector offers Light Rail Transition

Rector of Ordu University (ODU) Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç told the universities that no longer a student has moved into the world with a minibus, and that the Army should now build a light rail system.

Rector Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç, said in the Army Journalists' Association that the transition to the dolmus stop on the Black Sea Coast Road was troubling for the students and said, eniz 16 said that the student could not be moved a month before especially on an international road. Previously, my hand was always in my heart. When we were in the evening classes, we would give special advice to our students. It's really troubled. Those who were shattered on the road became our students. O

Lar On the main road, there are no dolmuş and no student transportation, ektör said Rector Yarılgaç. Sometimes the dolmus are not enough. In the morning, the fullness is insufficient and the most complaints to me are coming in this direction. I address our local authorities and civil society organizations. At least one bus should be transported there. These can be solved without expressing. As a university, we should not be led to the city. The army does not have a flat area over a very beautiful valley. When you compare it with the university and even the airport, it has a flat area. Let's start arguing over this. Let us support the project. The European Union and the world bank have serious support for such projects. We live in a city that has not fully completed its urbanization. It's something that we can start up in five years. We need to start this work already Şimd.


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