We are 8th in the world in high speed train, 6th in Europe

He loved the railways 98 percent of people in Turkey, but said that the use of TCDD General Director Süleyman Karaman 2 percent, ranks 8th in the world, that we are the 6th-speed trains countries in Europe.
8 in the world on the high-speed train.

Süleyman Karaman, General Manager of State Railways, said that they wanted to ensure the proximity of the cities by train lines. Karaman said, “We want to try to prevent migration everywhere with a diameter of 600 kilometers and thus to prevent migration. Students sitting in Eskişehir and studying in Ankara are no longer moving their homes. We want to spread it to the whole of Turkey, "he said.

Turkey's sole Rail Systems Engineering department at Karabük University having the '1st International Railway Systems Engineering' workshop was held. Karabuk Governor Izzettin Küçük, Rector of Karabuk University, attended the workshop held in the conference hall of the university. Dr. Burhanettin Uysal, State Railways Director General Süleyman Karaman, Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. General Manager Hayri Avcı, Istanbul Transportation General Manager Ömer Yıldız, public institutions and organizations and managers of the private sector participated. During the workshop, which will last 3 days, rail construction, rail production, rail technologies, rail vehicles, high-speed trains, metro and light rail systems, rail system standards, optimization, vibration acoustics, signaling, maintenance and repair, human resources and safety in rail systems. to be taken.

Süleyman Karaman, who visited the Hicaz Railway exhibition opened at the university, told reporters, “Railways were given great importance in 1923 and 1950, but unfortunately it entered a pause period after 1950. Now, our government has started to support it by turning it into a state policy. This made us happy. Everyone has been supporting railways in recent years. ”

He loved the railways 98 percent of people in Turkey, but appeared Karaman said that use of 2 percent, he said:

“This was a contrast and we started investing to change it. Our goal was to bring high-speed trains to Turkey in 2008-2009, we achieved it. We are 8th speed train country in the world and 6th in Europe. Our objectives in parallel with Turkey's goal. Turkey was aiming to enter the top 2023 in the world in terms of development in 10. We along with our country in the 100th year of the Republic of Turkey we want to enter the top 10 in the world. We did it on the high-speed train. We are also good at rail production. There are currently 7 track manufacturers in the world, one of them is Kardemir. We are also in the top 10 in wheel and signalization.

A high speed train factory is being built in Adapazarı, and we will be among the top 10 in high speed train production. We want to make 10 thousand kilometers of high-speed train lines, 4 thousand kilometers of normal rotating lines and to provide closer proximity to our cities, everyday, round trips of 600 kilometers, and thus try to prevent migration. Students sitting in Eskişehir and studying in Ankara are no longer moving their homes. We want to spread it all over Turkey. We want to be a bridge between Europe and Asia and the Middle East and Europe. Thus, we want to take our place as railways in an environment where exports and trade are very developed. ”

Karaman, Turkey on rail systems in the region, he said it was very good. Karaman said, “Other countries in our region get support from us in this regard. We are establishing a company. This company will install high-speed train systems in those countries. We will establish a "Ray test station" in Karabük. In this test center, we will test many parts produced in our country. We will confirm the quality of these produced here. This test center will meet the needs of not only our country but also the surrounding countries. ”

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