Trilateral bazaar opened in memory of 250 millionth passenger in Crimea

A trolleybus monument was opened in memory of the transportation of 250 million passengers in the Crimean Özek Republic of Ukraine.

In his speech, Crimean Prime Minister Anatoliy Mogilev participated in the opening of the monument; “The opening of this monument is an indication of our respect not only for the Crimean trolleybus but also for all trolleybus employees. The trolleybus at the monument served over 20 million passengers. The Crimean Trolleybus Administration carried 6 billion passengers, as much as the entire world population, throughout its foundation. I congratulate everyone on the occasion of this monument. This monument will represent the labor and labor of all employees in Crimea. Now we have another tourist spot on this hill between the capital Simferopol and Yalta. ”

The trolleybus in the monument built 1972 million kilometers on the Czech and Simferopol-Yalta line in 2 and carried more than 20 million passengers. The first intercity trolley line in Crimea was from the city of Simferopol to Alushta, and the line was extended to Yalta in 20 years.

It was reported that the idea of ​​the monument emerged after carrying 250 million passengers in Crimea.

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