Is Tülomsaş moving in 2013?

Governor Dr. Kadir Koçdemir met with Anadolu Newspaper and ESTV family.

Eskişehir Police House meeting, Chairman of the Board of Directors Özgür Fetih Demirdaş, General Coordinator Ahmet Demir, General Manager Vedat Ergun, Anadolu Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Mustafa Yildirim, ESTV General Manager Soner Yuksel, columnist Omer Duru, columnist Esra Cevik, Corner Şinasi Kula, Columnist Sadi Seda and Kameraman Hakan Kalkır.
Koçdemir told reporters about the work of Eskişehir 2013,
. We have completed a great deal of mental work and we have focused on projects that will contribute to Eskişehir after 2013. We will give priority to permanent works. We work at Eskişehir Turkic World Cultural Capital of Eskişehir to make Eskişehir people not a spectator but a writer and director.

The relocation of TÜLOMSAŞ is also in the plans. We want to move it from its current location without compromising its originality and texture. If TÜLOMSAŞ is moved, it will be a very big deal for Eskişehir. kazan"I will have a future and the production capacity of TÜLOMSAŞ will increase," he said.

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