2.Yılını Dolduran Samsun Light Rail System Balance Sheet Heavy

The light rail system, which completed its second year of service in Samsun, was involved in 2 different accidents during this period. 9 people, 1 of whom was a child, were injured in the accidents where 1 woman died as a result of a train crash. The accident balance of the light rail system was heavy.
The Metropolitan Municipality Light Rail System, which was put into service in Samsun on October 10, 2010 and celebrated its second year yesterday, has witnessed various accidents during the 2 years it was put into service. During this period, 2 person died and 9 people, 1 of whom was a child, were injured in 1 different accidents. In the last incident, a driver who was alleged to be intoxicated was able to stop on the way to the wedding viaduct and stop here after his tire burst. The fact that no train had passed through the railroad at that time prevented a possible disaster.
Accidents that occurred since the light rail system was put into service:

December 8 2010

Light rail train hit the pedestrian

In the accident that took place in front of the Samsun Governorship Building in the 19 Mayıs District of İlkadım, the rail system train under the administration of Ercan E., belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality, hit Mehmet T. (60), who was on foot. Mehmet T., injured in the accident, was taken to the hospital and treated.

January 26, 2011

He died under the train

The Light Rail train, which made a university-station expedition at 18.30 in the Esenevler District of Atakum district, hit Saadet T. (56), who was trying to cross the railroad because there was no rail overpass at that time. Saadet T., who was seriously injured by dragging under the train, could not be saved despite all the interventions in the hospital where he was taken.

February 22 2011

The car hit the rail system wall

00.30 UB 32 plate car under the administration of Isa A. (34) hit the concrete wall of the rail system line while cruising in the accident that took place at around 4155:XNUMX at night in Baruthane District Bafra Street in İlkadım district. The driver, who was seriously injured in the accident, was treated at the hospital.

February 23 2011

Train crashed into car: 2 injured

In the accident that occurred in Atakum Denizevleri Mahallesi, the rail system train used by the mechanic BC, traveling from the Gar to the direction of OMÜ, collided with the 19 EK 55 plate car under the control of SB (955). In the accident, İrfan D. (35) and Adem K. (10), who were found in the car, were slightly injured. The wounded were taken to hospital.

June 6, 2011

Careless pedestrian led to accident

In the accident that occurred at the level crossing in front of the Governorship Building, the light rail system train 55-016, Vezirköprü, under the administration of Enver B. Recep Keleşoğlu, who was injured in the accident, was taken to the hospital and treated.

August 26, 2011

Train hit the boy this time

In the accident that occurred at the level crossing in İlkadım district Kale Mahallesi Cumhuriyet Square Station, the rail system train hit Murat Çakar, who was 7 years old, who passed through the level crossing with his mother. Injured child was taken to hospital by ambulance.

March 17, 2012

Novice driver entered rail

The 18 DG 55 plate car used by Ayşe Ö. (133), who was traveling in the accident that occurred on Atakum İsmet İnönü Boulevard, plunged into the route of the light rail system as a result of the loss of steering control. Meanwhile, Gardan's light rail train that was going to the university could not stop and crashed into the car. The driver in the accident was Ayşe Ö. (18) and Merve Yazıcı (20) were injured.

April 22 2012

Minibus flew to the railway

01.00 19 55 (4006) in the event of the night stop next to the stop of the station next to the 18 accident in the minibus, the steering wheel as a result of loss of supremacy over the rail system, the road was turned upside down. In the accident, the driver of the minibus Adem Özdemir with Atakan Silver (XNUMX) was injured.

August 24, 2012

Pensive pedestrian crashed

Remzi Soydal, 45, wanted to cross in front of Muzaffer Önder Park in the accident that took place in the evening in front of Atatürk Boulevard, Muzaffer Önder Park. Remzi Soydal, who did not notice the moving train, was hit by the rail system vehicle. Soydal fell to the ground due to the impact. He was injured, then he was taken to hospital.

September 3, 2012

Alcoholic driver surprised the way

A driver allegedly intoxicated in Samsun entered the light rail system with the car he used at the wedding exit. The driver, who went on the rails of about 250 meters, stopped when his tires broke in the viaduct where the tram passed. It was determined that the driver had 339 promil alcohol.

Source : I www.hedefhalk.co

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