134.000 Rail Vehicles Prevent Private Vehicles from Getting Traffic

Istanbul Transportation Inc. According to the data obtained from 2012 Passenger Satisfaction Survey, 76,5 special vehicle traffic is prevented in Istanbul thanks to 134.000 km long rail system lines operated by Istanbul Transport AS.

Istanbul Transportation Inc. M950.000 Aksaray - Atatürk Airport Metro Line, M1 Şişhane - Hacıosman Metro Line, T2 Bağcılar - Kabataş Tram Line, T4 Topkapı - Habibler Tram Line and F1 Kabataş - According to the data obtained from the passenger satisfaction survey conducted in Taksim Funicular Lines, thanks to the rail system lines, 134.000 private vehicles are prevented from traffic daily.

The answer to the question of ı Do you or your family have a special vehicle? Özel is to answer the question sor Yes l of the passengers, while the answer to the question sor Yes, “is the 'Yes,” I had the opportunity to do this journey with a special vehicle bu.

According to this, it is determined that 24,12 of passengers prefer the rail systems although they have the possibility to make their journey with special vehicles and this ratio corresponds to approximately 228.000 passengers in total.

Considering that the average number of 1.7 people per car was moved on special vehicle journeys, it was determined that the rail systems had attracted approximately 134.000 special vehicles per day from Istanbul traffic.

Source : http://www.istanbul-ulasim.com.tr

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