İZBAN A.Ş. 13 dismissed by the mechanic returns to their jobs

Tens of thousands of Izmir residents suffered in the morning hours due to the failure of the machinists to work at İZBAN A.Ş. İZBAN officials terminated the contracts of 15 machinists after the machinists left their jobs. The İZBAN officials, who set out that no action could be taken due to a situation in the High Arbitration Council for collective job interviews, reported that the machinists were fired by text on their mobile phones.

The crisis that started at the Aliağa-Menderes Line operated by the İZBAN Company ended completely. İZBAN Chairman of the Board of Directors TCDD Assistant General Manager İsmet Duman received information about the crisis and made an evaluation meeting. The officials of the company, '' the demand for the task of the railroad labor union, do not perform the trains and the citizens of the victims of the mechanic 'reinstated' decided to return.

Makinistler want to return to the institution by writing their request will forward their requests.

Source: CİHAN

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