108 flooded New York subway yearly

Sandy Hurricane Sandy, who hit the east coast of the US at an 130 mileage per hour, paralyzed the state of 6. 39 people died, 8 million people left without power. 108 flooded New York subway yearly.

Sandy Hurricane, which led to a mandatory break in the US presidential election campaign, merged with two winter storms in the Atlantic Ocean to become seçim Supernatural ABD. Last night, at the 02.00 waters at local time, the hurricane hit the New Jersey coast at a speed of 130 per hour. 6 million people in New York and other 7.5 provinces remained without electricity. He was referred to other hospitals at the Tisch hospital in New York City, where the patient was discontinued until as much as 200, including the respiratory device. In New York, living in the darkest night of its history, the waters rose to 4 meters.

Metro flooded

The hurricane 7 cost the life of a full 39 in New York and one in Canada. The crane on the top of the 74 story building in Manhattan was overturned. Obama declared New York and Long Island a disaster area. 15 bin flight canceled.

At least 50 home burned in the fire in the Queens area. 180 firefighter rescued 70 people in these houses. The New York Metro's 7 line was completely flooded because of the storm that turned into heavy rain and snow. Officials say the New York subway has experienced the biggest disaster in the 108 annual history. In addition, the construction of the Zero Point, where the World Trade Center, which was destroyed during the September 11 attacks, was buried in the water. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that 60 million Americans were affected by the hurricane. 1.5 million people also left their homes. The Hurricane Sandy falls to 101 per hour per hour, leaving 56 miles per hour by leaving the US territory today. It is predicted that it will rapidly head towards Canada. The New York stock exchange, which was not traded the day before, was closed yesterday. According to Hurricane Sandy experts, 6 in the state 20 will cause $ 1 billion damage. Insurance companies will pay 10 billion dollar compensation. The German Die Weldt newspaper suggested the hurricane could have cost 100 billion dollars.

Source: Vatan

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