Air conditioner mounted on trams after summer, led to the reaction of the people of Konya

📩 25/11/2018 14:03

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, which brought the projects about new rail system investments and new tram purchases to the last stage, started the first work by attaching air conditioning system to all of the trams serving in the city transportation. The installation of air conditioners mounted on inert trams by the Konya Metropolitan Municipality after the end of summer, caused the reaction of the citizen.
Konya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail Systems Department started to install air conditioning system in the trams. The air conditioners, which were met with surprise by the passengers on the tram, were placed in various places from the beginning to the end of the tram. The windows are expected to be kept constant to prevent air circulation. Trams running a daily 310 between Alaaddin Hill and the Alaaddin Keykubat Campus, which have an important place in the city transport, carry around 30 million passengers annually. In 1992, the Alaadddin-Cumhuriyet line and the Xalum-Campus line in 1995 were added to the 19 kilometer line in 2007. Thus, Konya, the first city in Anatolia, has become the only city with tram service in the university campus.
Air conditioners were ridiculed
The promise of air conditioning, given by Konya Metropolitan Municipality in the spring, caused the reaction of the citizen when it reached the winter. The people of Konya, who reacted to the coming of the air conditioners that will be installed for the scorching heat in the summer months, referred to Konya Metropolitan Municipality by saying, “Air conditioners that do not cool in the summer will have ice for the winter”. Some citizens said that neither air conditioning nor anything else was empty investments in these idle trams, and new modern-looking trams that fit Konya should be put into service.

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