Elderly couple built rail system to reach their homes

Elderly couple in Sinop walking difficulty, 25 years ago they built a high area of ​​electricity to their homes and the 30-meter rail on the moving vehicle.
78-year-old Asım Demirkol, who lives in the Karadeniz District, said that they built a house on a high land 25 years ago with their own means.
Stating that he and his 70-year-old wife Yıldız Demirkol had difficulty in getting to their homes when they got older, Demirkol explained that he decided to establish a rail system in the educated area from the road to his house.
Demirkol emphasized the fact that they set up a high hill house because they wanted to have a view of their home in their youth.
“In order to get on and off the road from our house, we had to climb a 50-step ladder. Now we are older and have trouble walking with my wife. We were having trouble getting to and from our house. For this, I developed a rail system with my own means. Instead of climbing the stairs, I set up a 30-meter-long simple rail setup on the slope. I also made an electrically powered wheeled wide basket on the rails. I installed a reel and rope system in the basket. On the slope, the basket automatically descends on the rails. As I go up I turn on the electrical system and the pulley system pulls the rope up. It is a very simple mechanism, but it has become an important system for our lives. "
-6 cost a thousand pounds-
Explaining that his wife had difficulty coming home from the market, Asım Demirkol stated that she had been doing a trial run on the models first and then improving the system.
Explaining that the rail system he established cost 6 thousand liras, Demirkol said, “With the rail system, we can easily go down and out. We can carry loads. It was a great convenience for our friends who wanted to come to us and had difficulty walking. "Thanks to the system, my wife and I were very comfortable."

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