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According to the officials of the most important companies that know Turkey very well and direct the world's railway industry at the Berlin İnnoTrans Fair, our situation is not encouraging. Our railways have become quite complicated with separate systems, signalization, electrification, train and tram investments in TCDD lines and in some provinces. Different trains and trams cannot be used on the same line. The electrification and signaling of each line is done differently. Spare parts, knowledge, experience, maintenance, employment of technical staff and experience cannot be collected in the same pool. Foreigners' observations are just like that. Turkey invests in the railway, attaches importance to it, spends billions of dollars on its infrastructure, but does not act smartly. He does little and poor quality work for a lot of money. Even in the rail transportation of Istanbul, 4 different systems of 4 different companies operate. The same is true for TCDD's rail systems throughout Turkey. Can there be quality and efficiency in return for such investments? When it comes to the railway industry in the world, Bombardier, German Siemens and French Alstom, which are of Canadian origin but whose transportation company is headquartered in Germany, are in the top three. It is possible to divide the remaining Western and Far Eastern companies into various categories. For example, Spanish CAF, French Thales, Italian AlsadoBreda are not companies in the first league. The Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model tender method that Turkey is stuck with is not the quality of the railway infrastructure that will be needed in the long term, but the companies that will build it, the consortiums. kazanprioritizes them.
He makes everything Turk, then he looks back!
Let's say the tunnel will be dug and a subway will be built. The state or local administrations are wholesale to tender. In this case, builders, watchful contractors come into play, not the good players of the railway industry. Since construction constitutes 60-70 percent, sometimes 80 percent, depending on the state of the work, the issue goes from the main theme like railway infrastructure to construction construction. Then these contractors go and collaborate with the cheapest infrastructure providers. So returning to the country from playing each wire rail investment in Turkey.
First and foremost, the Public Procurement Law (PPL) should be amended to attract foreign investors to competition. In addition, it is necessary to separate the construction work and the railway infrastructure. It is imperative to select the best companies in the field and to create a competitive environment by determining a system that is fully clarified. If they are in Turkey railway long-term, permanent, high-quality, domestically contribution to employment provider, you will learn the know-how, you can become a model for foreign investors will be referred to inside production. Of course, if anyone wants ...
In addition, a transformation is necessary for industrial production investments made by the public. The logic of "I will produce everything" is not correct when looking at the players around the world. The public can support the sector, but since it cannot manage companies that will create competitive power ...
Representatives from Bombardier in Turkey Turkey
Despite everything, the important players of the world see Turkey as a good market in rail systems. For example, Bombardier has made significant achievements in the aviation industry, worked as a manager in the technical and commercial departments of a world giant company such as Airbus, and rose to the position of Head of Supply, and recently appointed Aziz Erdinç, who worked in the aviation department of Boeing and Bombardier, to the position of Turkey Representative. Bombardier, which has its signature on many important rail systems in Turkey, has prepared ambitiously for the tender for Turkey's first unmanned metro, which will be put into service between Üsküdar and Ümraniye. KazanIt looks like they will open a new page in Turkey and go into production. I think this is the main reason why they found Erdinç and brought him to this post.
Because Aziz Erdinç, with the wing design and production of Airbus 350 during his term as Airbus Procurement President, provided 3 billion dollars to Turkey through TAI. kazanan obscure name. It is not in vain that Bombardier extended this hand to Erdinç, whose value is not appreciated by any public or private company in Turkey, which is highly equipped and experienced...

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