Minister Bagis: inden istanbul will be one of the centers of solution in the world Bakan

“Istanbul, 'Kanal İstanbul', Marmaray, third bridge, urban transformation and public transportation projects, congress and financial centers, historical wealth and culture will truly become one of the solution centers in the world in the coming period,” said Egen Bagis, Minister for EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator.
Participating in the 'Smart Cities Summit ü held at Swiss Hotel under the sponsorship of SAMPAŞ, Minister for EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bağış said that Istanbul is a civilization and city of tolerance. Donations, in the cities of non-tolerance, referring to the events, Benghazi condemned the attack, he said.
Stating that Istanbul is a smart city with its tolerance for centuries, Egemen Bagis, Minister for EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator said, üz When we look at it from a more general perspective, it is one of the smartest cities in the world. Because people in different parts of the world for centuries while fighting over the values ​​of all beliefs in Istanbul, all values ​​lived together in peace. There are few cities in the world where mosques, churches and basins can provide peace for humanity. One of these is Istanbul. Istanbul does not have a problem that cannot be solved. Thank you very much for our most important wealth in Istanbul. Our ability to make mutual empathy. There is a b power that touches on the problems of Istanbul. There is a sense of local government, Bir he said.
Stating that the Smart Cities Summit is of great importance for the purpose of the Minister Egemen Bagis, ıs There is a tremendous energy in Istanbul. There is a very serious interest from east to west from Istanbul. This is an indication that the mind of Istanbul is being discovered by others. We used to feel the need to tell abroad when it was called Istanbul. But now Istanbul has a brand value. I am very pleased to talk about Istanbul in the European Union negotiation process. I try to explain to Europeans at every opportunity how weak a European Union would be without Istanbul, how poor it would be and how a European Union without Istanbul would actually be missing for the European Union and not for Istanbul. There is no other big city that has been the capital of 3 empire in the world. There are many cities in the world that go through the river, but there is no other city that passes through the sea. Even though we are not a member of the European Union, Europe is not only a cultural capital but also a city that has been chosen as a sports capital in two years. This fact reveals that Istanbul's biggest weapon in the EU process of Turkey's biggest trump card, "he said.
Minister Bağış continued his words as follows: Lar Different generations are still really impressed when they see Istanbul. On the one hand, Istanbul's seven hills give a very different message to Istanbul. On the other hand, tunnels passing through the seven hills are beginning to solve the transportation problem. We are all affected when we look at the beautiful silhouette of Istanbul. We also reveal works that can give the sense of humanity the same quality to the next generations and the population exceeding 15 million. The concept of smart cities is a new concept in the world, but it has always existed in this land for its purpose. Because being smart requires that the channels of communication that can use the mind are open. Dialogue must be open. Fortunately, we are aware that in this big city we represent a great wealth with all our differences. Here in the world that we are not aware of the difficulties seen in the city. We are also aware of how they see Istanbul as a source of inspiration for that culture of living together in Istanbul. Onların
Istanbul and Turkey play a major role in the development of Prime Minister Erdogan said that the model for many countries, "when a leader emerged from the bosom of Istanbul today went to Egypt when paid by 2 thousand people xnumx's the morning after a Friday prayer in Libya mosque 20 waiting for him in front of a thousand people, 'do not be afraid of secularism, I'm a religious Muslim like you, but I'm the prime minister of a democratic, social, secular rule of law. Europe's fastest growing economy of the leaders of a country with'm 'say if Turkey's western and eastern Istanbul, to reveal that the city's eastern western stems from our ability. Today Istanbul is the most Asian city in Europe and the most European city in Asia. Istanbul will be one of the main attractions in the world with the Canal Istanbul project, with the bridge, the third bridge, urban transformation, fast and spacious public transportation projects, congress and financial centers and all of this with its historical richness and texture and culture. De .
Mr. Egemen Bagis stated that he would not have problems in tolerant cities and evaluated the events in Benghazi and said, ış After that we should put forth that tolerance in all cities. In this context, I condemn the attack in Benghazi yesterday. But I also condemn all the insults to people's sacred. That is why I would like to emphasize that we should emphasize the importance of Istanbul's message for the world in these smart cities. İşte
Bagis continued his words as follows; Ik Istanbul We went to Brussels to make an application. We realized something. For the first time in the history of the republic, the Mayor of Istanbul and the Governor of Istanbul went abroad for the first time. Can you imagine the year 2005 has not had such a dialogue so far. Turkey has also started to become a source of inspiration for EU members, I see. For the last 10 years, the biggest proportion of the budget is going to education. This is the signal of the greatest symbol of the future good days. It is the harbinger of smart cities. I believe you are on the right track. Ben

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